Introduction of detergent powder plant

Introduction of detergent powder plant

         Nanjing Qino Automatic Control Equipment Co., Ltd. has a plurality of plants, several sets of 5 t/h LAS device for powder detergent production.

  1、The composition of the production plant

    The unit of this plant is consisted as follows:

(1)、preparation of slurry unit;

(2)、pretreatment of the slurry and the high-voltage transmission unit;

(3)、hot air unit;

(4)、tower forming unit;

(5)、wind mention cooling unit;

(6)、exhaust gas treatment unit;

(7)、after the ingredients unit;

(8)、packing unit;

(9)、public projects and the storage and transportation of the raw materials unit.


 2、Process summary

 (1)、Preparation of slurry unit(before the ingredients)

      Depending on different detergent formulations, kinds of liquid and solid materials is heating and stirring into total solids of 55% to 68% slurry, and it enters into the aging tank with slow stirring and makes it more stable and uniform. The dosage of each material into the mixing tank stirred by the framework stirrer pump is controlled by the weight sensor.



                                                                                                       Figure 1     slurry unit

(2)、Pretreatment of the slurry and the high-voltage transmission unit

       The slurry is filtered in the aging tank and high-speed milled by the homogenizing mill, then, it’s pumped into the high-pressure pump, which is using three piston pumps with the pressure up to 10MPa. The slurry after the high-pressure pump is transported to the spray gun at the top of the spray tower and molded by atomization and drying.


(3)、Hot air unit

       The temperature of the hot air entered into the tower need to be 350-400℃, the hot air resource can be burned by natural gas, fuel oil or coal.The main equipments in this unit are hot stove and burner group, according to the different hot resource, the structure of the hot stove and burner group are also different.


(4)、Tower forming unit

      The powdering column is countercurrent drying tower. The slurry is homogenized at the top, and the hot air is evenly into the annular tube from the bottom, they are transferred heat and dried backwards and formed hollow granular washing powder. Inside the powdering column, there is a sweep machine, which can clear the sticky from the wall of the powdering column periodically. The output is transferred by the belt conveyor to the wind mention cooling unit, and the tail gas to the exhaust gas treatment unit.


                                                                                                                 Figure 2   Tower forming unit                                                

 (5)、Wind mention cooling unit

       The temperature of the detergent from the powdering tower is much higher. It needs to be cooling and aging, which can make the water in the detergent from the free water to the crystal water as the inorganic salt water, and improve the mobility of the detergent. This unit use negative pressure to inhale the detergent, inside the wind mention tube, the detergent is cooled by cooling air and separated by the settlement separator on the top with air, then, it enters into the after ingredient unit and the air to the exhaust gas treatment unit.


 (6)、The exhaust gas treatment unit

       The exhaust gas from the top of the powdering tower and the settlement separator enters to each waste gas treatment. First, it separates and recycles the detergent powder in the waste gas by the efficiency cyclone. After that, it enters into the disengage and is emptying.


 (7)、After the ingredients unit

      Some components in the detergent is not high temperature and not water, so it can’t be mixed in the front ingredients, such as flavor、non-ionic、all kinds of enzymes, which must add after the drying detergent. At present, in order to save source and increase production, some components in the front ingredients is part into the after ingredient, such as soda ash light、sodium sulfate and so on.

    First, the based powder settled and separated from the after ingredient is transformed to the bunker, then entered into the mixer continuously, and at the meanwhile, the non-ionic and flavor is joined into the mixer continuously measured accurately by formula, all kinds of enzymes and other solid raw materials such as soda ash is entered into the mixer continuously by the belt scales by formula.

    The based powder and all other ingredients is mixed uniformly and transformed to the packing room continuously.



                                                                                            Figure 3  the ingredients unit


 (8)、The packing unit

     The detergent is packaged into the plastic bags by semi-automatic gravimetric method. First, the output is transported to the bunker on the top of the packing machine connected with bunker, then, bagged and sealed quantitatively.


 (9)、Public projects and the storage and transportation of the raw material unit

     In the process it need water, electric and stream, different style has different configuration. Liquid raw materials such as sulfonation 、liquid alkali、fan huajian、non-ionic and so on is transported to the ingredients unit from the liquid raw material parts.

   The solid raw materials such as pure alkali、glauber’s salt、4A zeolite、five Na and so on is stored in the solid raw materials warehouse and transported to ingredients units by wind 、elevator、lift or others.



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