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High-precision liquid filling machine

High-precision liquid  filling machine
High-precision liquid  filling machine USB 接口 高精度液晶材料灌装机配件 吨桶灌装机 高精度液晶材料灌装机LED屏幕 高精度液晶材料灌装机 工厂图


High-precision liquid  filling machine
Suitable liquid
This model is suitable for filling various bottles of high-value liquid, widely used in viscous and non-sticky liquid, such as liquid crystal material.
Features and benefits
The filling machine reliable performance, easy to use, high precision, the overall use of food-grade corrosion-resistant stainless steel production, nice.
This model uses the weighing system quantitative filling principle, based on the original product, two-speed control of flow, the first fast and slow, to prevent liquid spill, leak filling nozzle, filling hose with filling process to ensure pollution-free process.
Technical Parameters
Model: QNFM-2
Filling the first few: a single head
Filling capacity: 50-5000ml
Filling accuracy: ± 0.1%
Power: 220V
Dimensions: 900x600x500mm
Weight: 50kg

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