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Filling machine

Filling machine
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Semi-automatic filling machine










Load capacity

Weighing the biggest weighing 300 kg, if you need large quantity can be customized.


Filling quantity: 40-300 litres per barrel

The filling speed: 15-100 barrel per hour

Filling way: At the top of the filling

A digital display the function of the filling quantityCan complete a variety of filling volume Settings.

Have automatic peeling, according to the function of the net weight filling.

Have speed double speed control function, prevent splashing.

Have to prevent wrong operation and emergency handling capabilities such as power protection

Filling accuracy :±0.5%

The above parameters for the standard air machine of the state of the experimental values, the working status of machinery, working environment, check out the shape of the different, is likely to affect the above parameters.


Supply voltage range: conventional ac 220 v, frequency 50 hz / 60 hz, the largest power 30 watts. Other voltage, please purchase in advance, can according to demand the restructuring.

Temperature and humidity

Temperature and humidity0oC~40oC,< 85RH.

Storage temperature-20oC~60oC85RH.


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